Why Chelan for the Adult with Developmental Disabilities in your life?

Today my son reminded me why we moved to Chelan in the first place.  Yes, the spectacular scenery, 50+ mile long lake, recreational opportunities and sunny climate are all a bonus, but they aren’t the reason we moved to Lake Chelan.

We lived in the Everett/Mukilteo area before we moved to Chelan over a dozen years ago.  Our lives were set up pretty well, even though there were traffic and crowds, our commutes were on side streets and about 10 minutes.  We had beautiful views, things to do, lots of friends and a great life there.

But it wasn’t ideal for our son, Turner.  Schools were an issue.  He was bullied and mistreated at school.  The schools weren’t interested in working with the way he learned and to get what we needed would take an adversarial approach.

But the problems went further than the schools.  The area was populous enough, that anonymity was the rule so most people ignored our son, or worse were rude, would take advantage of him or bully him.  Certainly not everybody was like that, but it was not uncommon.

Turner needed a better world to explore.  So, we upended our lives and moved to Chelan.  And, it was WORTH IT!  Just because Turner is on the spectrum doesn’t mean he isn’t social.  Of course he’s a social being!

Chelan has the small town environment we were seeking.  While Turner doesn’t know everybody in town, he knows most of them.  He’s a celebrity in town, who is valued for his quick smile and upbeat attitude.  His enthusiasm and happiness are contagious and people everywhere engage Turner in a positive way.

The environment alone makes Chelan a great place for Ridgeview Place.  But, when all that bonus stuff is factored back in, Lake Chelan, the inviting climate, and one of the most popular places in Washington for people to want to be; Chelan is perfect!

Turner gives back to the town too.  Whether it is the Food Bank or the Fire Department, Turner is happy to do whatever he can to help out. Turner fits right in.  It doesn’t take effort to create an inclusive environment, it just is an inclusive environment when you see the same people all of the time.

Chelan is big enough that there are things going on too.  Turner participates in Special Olympics, loves to bowl, has learned to play guitar and has bands he can play with.  Most every excavation company in town is friends with him.

Anonymity doesn’t exist in Chelan, at least not for long.  The first night we moved into our new home in Chelan years ago, Turner had a melt down.  He was screaming and rightfully a neighbor was concerned and called the police.  So, we got to know the police right away.  The interaction was great and Turner is now on a friendly, first-name basis with the first responders in the area.

When thinking of a place that your family member with a developmental disability can thrive, it takes not only a great home and work environment, but a community that will embrace and support them.  So, if you come to check out Ridgeview Place, spend some time checking out the town as well.

As for us, tomorrow is the annual St Patrick’s day Dog Parade.  Everybody knows Turner loves dogs.  He will be busy saying hello to his human and canine friends, and then probably ride with his buddies in one of the Fire Engines.  Half of the town participates in the two-block long parade and the other half cheers them on!  Have a great weekend, we will!


Social Entrepreneurship: Ridgeview Place’s Special Sauce

Working at Ridgeview Place

Ridgeview Place is a bunch of things.  It is a home for special needs adults.  It is an inclusive place, that invites interaction between the community and its resident owners.  It is a place where residents experience and benefit from both home ownership and owning their own business.  A unique style of Social Entrepreneurship weaves the residential and employment experience together in a very unique way.

It’s easy to be busy.  Busy isn’t enough to assure a financially sustainable life.  Most of the opportunities in our area for adults that are neurologically atypical involve menial work and menial reward.  We simply rejected the premise that these hard working adults should be so limited.

Therefore, the business at Ridgeview had to make good sense as a profit making business, period.  Busy work wouldn’t cut it; we sought actual, productive business, a profitable, commercial enterprise. That is an unusual requirement for businesses set up to benefit adults with special needs.  But that is exactly the requirement that allows for pretty much unlimited opportunity for the resident owners at Ridgeview.  The only limit on the opportunities, and incomes, of the owners at Ridgeview is the imagination and motivation of the people involved.

And yes, business is a team sport.  The business has lots of things to do for the resident owners as well as their families and supporters.  Of course, we chose an initial business that has a fun, social work environment.  The work involves all skill levels, so we have things that people of all skill levels can be successful doing.

But it is entrepreneurial at its core.  We identified a commercial opportunity and organized a venture to implement it.  And, we will do that again and again as we grow.

It is truly a beautiful thing.  Those who come to see it tell me there is nothing else like it.  If a group of social entrepreneurs is the type of team you want to be involved with, don’t hesitate to check it out.  We only have a few spots available.




Here we are in October!

We are now operating the vocational part of the project in the shop building, have hired a house parent, irrigation for the vineyard is in place and here are the latest photos of the home:

Drone photos of Ridgeview
Ridgeview the Lake and the City of Chelan
Views of Chelan Butte!
One more showing the location, both close to town and having some room!
Welcome Home!
Relax on the deck
Front View of the Home
East side of the home
A short commute to the office…
A really great room!!
And, there’s more!
Spacious and social
The view of Chelan Butte!
Large pantry with fridge and freezer.
The Media/Video Game Room!
Cubbies for bins with gloves, boots, hats, etc. on the way to the laundry room. The row of coat hooks across from them are yet to be installed.
Laundry with storage and a couple each washers and dryers.


There is a wash sink too.
Yes, there is a hallway.
Each Owner/Resident room has its own bathroom, walk in closet, desk area, sitting area and television connection.
Another angle on the Owner/Resident room.
There are two options for floors and tile work in the Owner/Resident Bathrooms.
The showers are low entry so they can be converted for assisted wheelchair use and headers for rails are already in the walls.
An Owner’s closet.
The other tile/floor choice. Header for rails are around the toilets too.
Resident shower tile with low entry shower. Converts for assisted wheelchair use.
Light, bright and tall ceilings in the House Parent quarters
Entry and desk areas for House Parents quarters
House Parent living and deck entrance
House Parent quarters sinks
Walk-in closet for House Parents
Part of House Parent quarters
Guest rooms, with bathrooms, for visitors, guests, family, etc.
There are 2 guest rooms for visiting family, interns, or invited guests.
The yet to be outfitted with equipment workout room.
So guests, visiting family, interns, etc. can do laundry without altering the regular routine.
This leads past the utility room and heated storage rooms to the office
Office and records area for the caregivers, care plans, etc.

Open House and Concert for Ridgeview Place in Chelan

Open House and Concert
Ridgeview Place: Home for Special Needs Adults

When:  Sept 16, 2017  2:00 to 4:00 p.m
Where:  1101 Jessie St, Chelan, WA  98816

Join us for this introduction to the community, learn about the plans and meet the folks involved so far at Ridgeview.

Ridgeview Place is a just completed private residence that was built by Al and Denise Lorenz to be shared by their son, Turner, and three other resident owners with developmental disabilities in Chelan.  However, the structure itself is just the beginning of the story; the meaning and purpose come from the people, the relationships, and the involvement of the community.

While we’re celebrating completion of the buildings, work continues on building a joyful environment that is nurturing, fun, and productive for its residents.  As we go forward, we are building the systems to make each day go smoothly, hiring staff, and creating exceptional employment for the residents.  Imagine individuals with developmental disabilities actually achieving financial security and having a “family” of close friends.  I think of it as life without limits.

Similar homes exist in Washington.  Examples include The Dwelling Place, Cornerstone and Tierra, all in Leavenworth, that have spread the “fantastically joyful” attitudes of their residents into the community through volunteering and work.  Their joy is contagious and an asset for everybody.

We are currently seeking some new best friends who also want to create the happiest home on earth for their special family members.  There are opportunities for caregivers and volunteers as well.

We will have some experts to chat with who have succeeded building homes in other communities.  Ridgeview and the accompanying vocational program will be on display.  There will also be a house concert of local musicians during the open house.


Jessie Street is new and will not show up on your mapping programs.  Riverview Cemetery or the Apple Cup Café will show up on Google maps though!

For more information call or email:

Al Lorenz 509-630-6769   alorenz99@gmail.com

On to the next phase…


Downhill skiing at Mission Ridge

With construction mostly complete (there is still completion of the shop/office space, paving and landscaping to be done), the next phase of this project begins.  To borrow from DisneyLand, that is simply to make this one of the Happiest Places in the World to live for the residents, caregivers involved and families who participate.

Fortunately, we have some great models on how that can be accomplished with the people we know from other projects.  It is a process though, and one that matures and blooms as we get other families involved!

Building a fun living environment is quite a bit more involved than the construction has been and is a process that really never ends.  But, it is lots of fun!  Getting the community involved and our loved ones involved in the community is part of it.  We have a great start on the vocational part too that helps our folks be actual contributing members of the economy to earn their way.  Planning vacations, day trips, etc. and more!

If you have interest in this project, it is time to express it.  Thanks!

Ridgeview receives its Occupancy Permit

Ridgeview is ready for occupancy, or it will be when outfitted with furniture and supplies.  That is starting to happen now and the first folks will be living there in the next couple of weeks!

Here are some cell phone pics.  I will add some better photos when there is furniture.

These photos certainly don’t do the place justice.  If you want to have a look, I would love to show it to you.