What we’ve been up to during the Pandemic

The recent outbreaks are serving as reminders of lots of things, some good and some frustrating. I haven’t been posting much though since we had pretty much slowed down working with families on getting involved in Ridgeview Place. But, that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy.

We have been working on the business at Ridgeview, Lakeline LLC, which has been thriving during the pandemic. E-commerce, as business model turns out to be perfect for a pandemic. That said, there have been supply chain challenges that have limited the growth the last 18 months.

We have been having fun too. There have been concerts in parks, work, heavy equipment operation, Kokanee fishing, volunteer work, and even attended a fair. We will have to see how it looks moving forward regarding what fun events we participate in.

Since the spring, we have been able to meet with a few families and are scheduled to have an additional resident moving in shortly. We are so pleased with our new resident and his family! They are fabulous.

We have been adaptable, reasonably cautious and kept everyone healthy during the pandemic so far.

We’re still out here living a great life. I haven’t been beating the bushes, but do welcome your questions and inquiries.

Stay happy and healthy,
Al Lorenz
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2 thoughts on “What we’ve been up to during the Pandemic”

  1. This is Norma Crocker and I live in the suburb of Portland OR. I have been following your wonderful adventure and love the outcome. I will be manager for a trust and we are planning a community for Autism and other disabilities. I would like to visit on the phone if possible to ask about what works for you and maybe what you would do different. I am interested in the core management for your home and if you found that finding a resident manager easy or?
    If visiting is a possibility my phone # is 503.722.0059 Thank You

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