Sustainability, and who moves when changes occur?

Creation of the perpetual housing machine for family members who need support to be successful in everyday life is a tremendous concern for most parents of people with intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD). One of the things we most like about the Shared Living model is it can be setup in a customized fashion to meet an individual’s needs.

Furthermore, the resident/consumer controls the home and service providers are separate. The service providers may change, but the residents remain in the home.

2 thoughts on “Sustainability, and who moves when changes occur?”

  1. Do you still have an opening? I’ve spoken to you before but still haven’t found an affordable alternative. How much would it cost for buy in to the home? I read that we also get 1/4 of the business as well? How does that work with regard to monthly cost?

    1. Patricia,

      Email me. We have slowed things down as far as trying to fill the home with covid. We do have an opening, but I can’t remember what all we talked about before. Thanks,

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