It is called a “Shared Living Solution”

Back when we started working on Ridgeview Place, there wasn’t a term that was in use in the industry serving adults with developmental disabilities to describe the type of living situation we were creating.  Now, there is a term.  “Shared Living” or “Shared Living Solutions” is the term used to describe how Ridgeview Place works.

It is where a group of individuals live together, and either own or pay rent on, their home.  The arrangement usually involves a total of 2 to 4 people.  They may receive instruction and support delivered by contracted service providers. Individuals pay their own rent, food, and other personal expenses.  This is a different type of arrangement than a group home or adult home.  You can see the way DSHS categorizes things here.

There can be significant advantages for Shared Living arrangements.  Partners4Housing ( is working to help create Shared Living arrangements in the Puget Sound area and has an assessment and roommate matching tool as part of their process to getting successful Shared Living homes operating.

Ridgeview Chelan is not as far outside of the mainstream as it was when we started.  Shared Living arrangements can have lots of advantages.  When coupled with the Social Entrepreneurship of Ridgeview Place, most all of the concerns about creating an integrated, sustainable and stable home for adults with disabilities are addressed.

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