A friend asked why my son just doesn’t keep living with us….

We had some friends over for dinner and were chatting about our Ridgeview Place project.  One of them asked my why our son doesn’t just live with us.

It is a good question.  It is certainly something we could do.  We have plenty of room for our son.

So, I explained why our son could have a much different life living more independently and how his transition when we are no longer around would be much easier by living at Ridgeview Place.

This project is about creating a much more fulfilling life than he would have living at home with us, his parents.  It is not just about our son having a place to live when we can no longer care for him.

Ridgeview is about creating a community, basically his own special type of family, to share his life with.  He needs peers in his life to share experiences with, challenge each other and grow together.  The environment we are creating will allow our son to progress without bounds on what he can achieve and become.  That is what we want for our son.  We have seen some great examples of the types of  “family” that this type of home can provide in our research.

It is also about providing meaningful and productive work so our son is a contributing member of society.  We want him to have opportunities to earn the self-esteem that comes from pulling his own weight.

Our son is an integral member of the Lake Chelan community.  He knows and enjoys a broad swath of friends and he spreads his own brand of joy throughout the town.  Ridgeview Place is designed to encourage such a fully integrated approach to life in a community that supports it wholeheartedly.

Sure, like most all special needs parents, we do have concerns about what happens to our son after we are no longer around to, or able to, care for him.  Having to place him in a rush due to a circumstance like failing health would not allow us to be sure we had a stable, happy, sustainable environment for our son.

The bottom line answer to my friend’s question is living at home would limit our son’s life and opportunities to our schedule and abilities.  We want him to experience so much more!

Ridgeview Place is a solution that provides a stable, rewarding and more challenging life in a loving and caring environment well beyond the experience our son would have living at home.  If you have a special needs family member you care deeply about and want to learn more, talk to us about joining us on our journey.


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  1. I agree. No matter what our differing abilities may be, having a place to be where there are common peers is affirming and helpful.

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