I haven’t mentioned it, but buying into Ridgeview Place is essentially FREE!

A short commute to the office…

Ridgeview Place is a completely private project.  When a resident comes to Ridgeview, they must buy into the home.  The buy-in brings more with it than just buying into the home.  With the home buy in comes a quarter share in the business as well.  The business generates significant income such that the purchase into the home can be paid back, which, if you look at it that way, makes Ridgeview essentially free.

Sure, there is work that is to be done with the business.  It takes the efforts of both the residents and their families to keep it successful and producing income.  Still, that is quite a deal.  This means your family member’s lifestyle doesn’t depend on any aid or government programs, which do change and can go away, to thrive.

Look around.  I don’t believe there is anything like it.

8 thoughts on “I haven’t mentioned it, but buying into Ridgeview Place is essentially FREE!”

  1. I am very interested in your project, as this is very similar to what my husband and I have thought of for our 29 year old daughter. We may consider retiring in WA, but we are currently living in the greater Chicago area. Always looking for realistic options. Are you free to mention what business your residents are working in?

  2. We are a family of 5, our youngest has autism and just turned 19, he has graduated from high school and will begin adult transition. My husband will retire in approximately 2 years and a new adventure begins, looking for a place for us to retire, still work doing what we love since we are only going to be in our early 50’s and close enough to someplace to provide a comfortable environment for our son. I have often dreamt of a shared living solution like this, one for those with different abilities and perhaps even seniors who can do for themselves but do not wish to live completely alone. So happy to find you and your blog.

  3. We have a 21 year old son that we are very interested in exploring an option for supported living. I am reading that your program is private pay but do not see the monthly cost. Can you give me a clearer picture on finance, employment, etc?

    1. LeeAnn, please send me an email and I will attempt to answer your questions. Links to my email are on the site.

  4. We have a 23 yr old son with high functioning Autosm/Fragile X Syndrome. He is a joy to be around and has a great personality, is hardworking and looking for independence. We are the parents of 4 special needs children in fact and would love to learn more about the home and it’s needs, cost and potentially volunteering. We have a non profit called Our Journey Learning Center in Tulalip (west side) and work to serve youth & adults with special needs:)

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