I haven’t mentioned it, but buying into Ridgeview Place is essentially FREE!

A short commute to the office…

Ridgeview Place is a completely private project.  When a resident comes to Ridgeview, they must buy into the home.  The buy-in brings more with it than just buying into the home.  With the home buy in comes a quarter share in the business as well.  The business generates significant income such that the purchase into the home can be paid back, which, if you look at it that way, makes Ridgeview essentially free.

Sure, there is work that is to be done with the business.  It takes the efforts of both the residents and their families to keep it successful and producing income.  Still, that is quite a deal.  This means your family member’s lifestyle doesn’t depend on any aid or government programs, which do change and can go away, to thrive.

Look around.  I don’t believe there is anything like it.

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